Monday 11 June 2012

Accomodation on arrival

We've been thinking about where we'll stay when we first arrive in the UK.  We've had a couple of kind offers from people we know to stay with them.  But, we've decided we'll book accomodation for the first two weeks and hire a car for the first 3 weeks.  It's unlikely we'll find a boat and have it ready to go within two weeks so we may need to take up the offer of staying with a friend after our two weeks accomodation is up.

We are going to spend a week in a cottage at Stoke Bruerne and a week in a farm cottage near Nantwich.  I've printed out a map of the centre of England and marked where many of the brokers are.  We chose the accomodation locations to give us good access to as many brokers as possible.

On the home front... we've had the busiest few days of our lives!  We're both complaining of sore backs and we're both so tired we can barely get out of our chairs at night. Tonight is Monday night and we're planning that tomorrow night will be our last in this house.

Mick's made up a base for our bed in the caravan, all the big furniture has been moved and today there was a huge quantity of odd bits and pieces to move.  They were all the things that are difficult to pack or that I would need again next week.  We're left with the television, a chair each, the dining table and two of the chairs, and the mattress from our bed which we've moved in front of the fire in the living room.  How nice to be sleeping in front of a crackling fire.


Tom and Jan said...

You might want to look at the Travelodge website. Jan booked 'specials' with them paying between £10-15 per night for a room.
All the best

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Tom,
We've used Travelodge in the past and it's good, basic, economical accomodation. It's a good option but we would rather self catering accomodation for longer than a night or two. That's an absolute bargain price though isn't it!