Wednesday 13 June 2012

Living in a caravan

Last night was our first night sleeping in our temporary home - a caravan!  It was a bit sad because I had to take our 4 chickens to be adopted by the lovely people in the local pet supply store.  They'll be going to live with some of the chicks we've hatched over the years (now grown up of course).  I know they'll be well cared for but it was very sad to be handing over my girls.  One of them was our very first hatched chick and she's nearly 9 years old now.  I'll really miss her. 

Today we went back to the house to pack up the last bits and pieces and to clean the house from top to bottom.  We're both so absolutely exhausted and very, very glad the moving is over.  There is a lot of sorting out still to be done as the last few days we've just been dumping stuff in boxes, bags and crates and piling it up in the old office at the shed. 

So here we are on our second night in a very cosy caravan.  The bed is our own mattress so at least when we go to sleep it feels familiar.  We also have a lovely clean, newly freshened up bathroom.  Pity it's such a distance between the two! 

Tomorrow is settlement day and we'll feel we have well and truly ticked off a major item on our list.

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