Thursday 7 June 2012

One week til settlement

I've been attempting a blog entry for several days now but never got beyond the first sentence.  It's been so busy! We have one week from today until settlement of our house.  It certainly will be the end of an era but we haven't really had time to think about it.  We've done nothing for weeks now except packing and moving but there is still a long way to go.

The house is looking a bit sad now.  The walls are bare of pictures, and all the things that made it our home are slowly being taken away.  I sure hope Tracey, who has bought it, can see beyond the bare walls and turn it into her own home.  Even outside looks totally different.  There's no dog kennels or outdoor furniture and even the rusty farm stuff is disappearing.

Meanwhile Mick's done a wonderful job setting up a bathroom out at the shed and now it's finished.  He does get a bit silly about things sometimes.  The shed had separate mens and ladies toilets.  The ladies had more space so it was chosen to become the bathroom - there was room to put a shower.  The door has a small black plastic sign that says "Ladies" but whoever stuck it on there didn't get it quite straight.  Mick's decided he can't cope with that.  He sent me to Bunnings (a mega hardware store) to find a new sign that says "Bathroom".  They didn't have one!!  He made such a fuss over that crooked sign that in the end I ordered a new sign on Ebay.

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