Saturday 30 June 2012

First proper weekend

This is the first proper weekend we've had at our temporary residence.  It's been so hard to get things set up how we want them.  The first weekend Mick rushed off to New Zealand to see his mum (she's not doing terribly well unfortunately) and last weekend we went away to Barwon Heads.  With us being sick as well it's not been an easy start.

Finally now we've made progress.  Our "lockup" as we call it (where our households contents are stored) is finally looking properly sorted out.  We had stuff all over the place at the beginning.  The final 2 days of packing up our house resulted in those things being thrown into boxes, crates, bags or just loose in the car.  It wasn't a terribly organised couple of days and to have those things sorted out and properly packed away is a relief.

The small office at the shed is now all sorted with our fridge and kitchen table so we have somewhere for the bread maker and the slow cooker.  The guys also use it as their lunchroom when they're working here in the workshop so they have a kettle and sandwich toaster.

The larger office has been emptied of all the built in reception furniture, ready for painting.  We'll then have a clean room to use as a living room.  We won't know ourselves then!  The dinette seats in the caravan are ok for eating meals but are not comfortable for evening sitting. For the first time in about 15 years we're watching tv in bed.

At last... if we need Panadol, or a bar of soap, sticky tape, window cleaner, an envelope... we can find it!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mick and Elly. Boy o boy it sounds like you've both been doing it tough since we last saw you. The boats you have been looking at look great. (I hear Ed has a nice little row boat that might interest you, nicely air conditioned I believe!)Hope everything is okay with Mick's mum and hope you are both well on the road to recovery. Have a fantastic time if we don't see you before you go. Brett. (Maldon)

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Brett,
Thanks for the good wishes. We'll make sure to catch up before we go. You'll have to come and visit! We'll get in touch in a week or two.