Monday 2 July 2012

Starting to feel like home

I never thought I'd say it but that little caravan is starting to feel like home.  We're getting used to where our clothes are stored, we have a method for the washing, we have a system for alternating power plugs for the kettle, toaster, microwave etc.  With the shed far more tidy now, it doesn't seem so bad having to walk through it to go to the bathroom.  I'm even used to saying "good morning" to the neighbour's cows when I step out of the caravan each morning.  I got the fright of my life the first morning I was by myself when one let out a loud "mooooooo" just as I came out the door.  It was right up against the fence and was quite close.  I rather like having them there now.

When we finally get our narrowboat it will feel enormous compared to the caravan and the cooking facilities will seem luxurious!  Being able to go to the bathroom without going outside will be fantastic.

I'm at my brothers tonight in Melbourne and his wife mentioned their plans for Christmas. It's strange to think they're planning what to do for Christmas and we won't be here.  Twelve weeks from tomorrow we'll be on a plane.  I know how fast 12 weeks goes when I have a holiday booked..... and that's a bit of a scary thing. 

I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  I'm taking my niece to see "Annie" at the theatre in Melbourne.  It was the first thing I ever saw at the theatre as a little girl and it will be Min's first time at the theatre too.  A very exciting day.

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