Tuesday 10 July 2012

Practice for muddy towpaths

It's raining... it's been raining since yesterday!  I think we're in training for dealing with muddy towpaths and English weather.  For the first time since we moved here, the rain has been blowing in from the East today which is a real nuisance.  It means we're walking in the wet to go into the shed to use the bathroom/laundry etc.

It's rained so much that one of our new water tanks (only hooked up to the downpipes a few days ago) is almost full!  Once Mick has put a tap on it I won't have to fill our camping water container at work any more.  Tomorrow he'll divert the downpipes to the second new tank.

The water is pooling outside on the concrete and creeping closer to the van.  Hope we get a break soon or we'll be putting the poles in so we don't float away.  Although, it's nice to hear rain on a tin roof - very soothing.

I spent the afternoon finishing my packing.  We now have a neat row of boxes almost ready to be collected next week, just a few more bits and pieces to add. 

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