Monday 9 July 2012

10 weeks to go....

Doesn't time just fly by.  In our case, maybe a little skip forward too!  Last week we were thinking we had 12 weeks left til we go.  According to our calendar anyway.  When we booked our tickets I marked each week back from the date we leave "1 week to go", "2 weeks to go" etc.  In my haste and enthusiasm it seems I wrote on the same date twice.  Our calendar is one of those with a month on each page and each day in a box.  When I got to the top of the page I'd written a count down on the greyed out box that filled in the week - the grey ones were the end of the month before.  I also wrote on that same date when I turned the page.  The other day I saw it and realised we actually had 11 weeks to go, not 12.  Isn't it lucky I worked it out now and not in the final couple of weeks!  I wonder how long it would have taken for it to dawn on us if I hadn't seen my error the other day.

So now there's only 10 weeks left and an awful lot to do in that time.  I've been packing boxes... yes, again.... ready for the shipping company to come and take them away to England.  We've scaled down a bit to save on shipping and only packed things we have duplicates of, plus clothing and some sewing projects.

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