Sunday 29 July 2012

Quilt show in Melbourne

I had a lovely day out on Saturday with my friend Tammy.  We went to the quilt show in Melbourne.  We made an early start for the 1 1/2 hour drive and had out tickets in hand before the doors opened.  While we stood in the line of women waiting to get in they had a new feature.  A group of people working for the quilt show in one capacity or another came out and stood along the line doing the Macarena!  A bit of entertainment while we waited.

I always like getting to events like this early because as it nears lunchtime it gets so busy that you can't get near enough to a stall to properly look at anything!  Since living out of the city I've become less and less tolerant of crowded places.  Don't like it at all.

I was thrilled to see my sewing buddy, Alison, got first prize for her miniature version of our "10 year" quit project.  These hexagons are half the size of the already ridiculously small ones we're using for our quilts.  Not a very good photo taken on my phone without a flash but you get the idea.  Well done Alison!

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