Friday 27 July 2012

What is the protocol if there's an accident?

I've been wondering about this for a while.  I was reminded of it reading someone's blog a few weeks ago where they had a boat crash into them.  Was it nb No Problem where I read it?

Anyway, we'd be interested to know what the protocol is.  If someone crashes into your boat and causes damage, what do you do?  What do you need for insurance purposes?


Yvonne said...

When we were in Stratford a hire boat rammed another moored hire boat denting the cabin side. Both parties swapped details (although the offending party had tried to leg it without stopping)but as they were both hire boats nothing would probably be chased up by the companies. If you have an accident you must take details i.e. boat name & reg. no. and if possible insurance details. If the other party is a hire boat you need to contact the company ASAP and tell them to do the same. Take photos if possible and get any witness details. You may not need them but better be safe than sorry after the fact.

Mike and Poppy said...


I am not aware of any "protocol" as such. But as there is a cruel custom put about that narrowboating in a "contact sport" It pays to be prepared.

Take photographs and collect info on witnesses. Where possible get names, boat names, BW id numbers. try to ensure you get the details of who owns the boat, this can be different to who was in charge of the boat.

I have had more problems with BW contractors cutting the bankside grass and strimming stones through windows than anything else.


Mick n Mags