Wednesday 25 July 2012

A catch up with old workmates

We are now under the 8 week mark.  My, how time flies! We have been thinking lately about trying to catch up with people that we want to see before we go.

Last night I had dinner with some old workmates.  One I hadn't seen for 3 years so it was lovely to see her again.  She has a baby on the way too.  Another one came to dinner fresh out of a job interview and had a call offering her the job before we reached the restaurant.  How exciting for her (she rang me tonight to say she'd taken the job).  There was some not so happy news that our old boss, who had moved on to a new job, hadn't settled in well there and has resigned from that position.  I'm sorry to hear it.  But... overall it was a lovely evening.

There is so much on the agenda in the coming weeks.... dentist appointments.... the quilt and craft show in Melbourne.... a last visit to the Talbot market (my favourite) with Tracey who bought our house.... a get together with my stepmum who is currently overseas.... helping my mum and her partner with their tax returns as well as doing our own.... our visit to NZ to see Mick's mum... finishing the set up for doing my work in the UK... several more catch ups with friends... a visit to the optometrist... sorting out and handing over keys for so many things and so many people.  We'll get there.

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