Wednesday 18 July 2012

Back to back houses

I had grand intentions of making a blog entry every time I hear of somewhere we should remember to visit near the canals.  Lois mentioned this one, near Gas St basin in Birmingham, to us last night and I thought it was somewhere we wouldn't want to miss.... so here it is.

This is a national trust property - back to back houses. Visits are by guided tour only and tours must be pre-booked.  I think we'll enjoy a visit to see these historic houses.

Wiki had great photos of the houses.  It's also worth a read - an excellent summary of the history of them.  The "back" houses faced into a courtyard which you can see in the second photo below.  Access to the internal courtyard appears to be in the first photo below - possibly the arched doorway.  The bay windows on those houses were to let more light in.

I have visited a similar property at "The Rocks" in Sydney called Susannah Place.  Well worth a visit!

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