Monday 16 July 2012

A loo question

Ok, now don't laugh.  This might sound a really silly question to all you boaters!

This is another photo of nb Ashdown, our pick this week.  The boat has this little "ensuite" loo as well as the pump out toilet in the bathroom.  I've been studying this photo because we had a grand plan for this space - a place to put the washing machine, and a desk area above the machine.   (Yes, I know, we spend our days dreaming about what we'd do if we could buy our pick of the week)

It got me thinking about that little cupboard door under the hand basin.  We've looked at boats with cassette loos but we've never actually opened the cupboard door to look inside. I have noticed that bathrooms with cassette loos often have a hatch door in the walkway outside which I assumed was to remove the cassette.

Does this loo have a cassette under the loo itself?  Would the cupboard hold the spare cassette or the one being used???


nb Chance said...

Hi Elly, that loo is a porta potti not a proper cassette toilet as normal, the cassette for the one in the picture is the bottom part of the loo, the whole unit ie porta potti would just lift out, its a portable camping toilet really.

Mal richardson said...

Hi Elly

that looks like a Porta-Potti 165 or similar. It is a stand-alone unit just as you see it. The bottom half is the cassette/holding tank, the upper half is the bowl and flush tank.

You would not get a spare holding tank in that cupboard.

The cupboard will be partly occupied by the water pipes, waste pipe, trap etc.