Sunday 22 July 2012

10 boxes

We've had lovely weather this weekend.  I've churned out loads of washing and it's actually dried.  It's all neatly packed away (except for the sheet that a bird pooped on!).

Saturday was the perfect Winter's day.  A chill in the air when we got up in the morning but gloriously sunny during the day.  I visited my mum, went shopping and then came home to spend the afternoon in the "lock up" packing the last of the boxes for the UK.  Mick came in and packed up his box of tools.

Today my brother and his wife came up to see our "home".  We put the Weber on and cooked a delicious roast lamb with vegetables.  Anthony, bless him, spent the better part of the afternoon trying to get our Tivo hooked up to work either through my phone or my laptop.  We'd been without program guides since moving here.  We are now back in action with a cord to plug into my laptop for updating the program guide on the Tivo.

Leanne helped me tape up and label our boxes and then stack them into the back of their Mitsubishi Triton.  Tomorrow I'll go down to Melbourne and Leanne and I will deliver our boxes to the depot to be shipped off the week after.

Another thing ticked off our list.

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