Saturday 14 July 2012

Pick of the week - Ashdown

Another from ABNB.  They send an email each week with any new additions so even if we don't have time to browse all the brokers, we often find a good one on ABNB's email.  This week it's nb Ashdown.

Lovely paintwork on this boat.  I'd be very happy with this colour scheme.  We like the interior too.  It ticks most of the boxes - good size water tank, cross double, decent size inverter, decent size engine, solid fuel stove and central heating, and a name we don't mind.

On the minus side, there isn't a washing machine and that's something we must have.  Maybe one could be fitted in the bottom of the wardrobe, or sacrifice the second toilet to install one in there.  The boat also has an L shaped dinette which we aren't keen on.  Also, the dinette is at floor level which makes it not so easy seeing out the window while seated.  We'd make enquiries about the cost of having a raised pulman installed instead.

But, overall, we really like this one.

Price: £56,000
Length: 59ft 0in
Builder: Stenson Boat Builders
Fitter-out: Midland Canal Centre
Style: Semi-trad
Year registered: 2005
Certification: BSS 2015

Engine: Barras Shire 45 diesel
Bow thruster: None
Plating: 10/6/4
Last out of water: Mar 2012
Water tank: 150gall (approx) built in tank

Headroom: 6ft 4in
Fit-out materials: Ash panels with ash framing. Floors in solid oak boarding

Insulation: Spray foam
Berth sizes: 6ft 0in x 4ft 6in cross double, 6ft 3in x 3ft 11in on L-shape dinette
Fridge: LEC 4cu ft 12V
Washer/dryer: None
WC: Tecma electric flush macerator wc to remote tank
Shower: in laminated cubicle with doors
Cooker: Spinflo Caprice drop-in gas cooker

Water heating: C/heating + engine + 230V immersion heater > calorifier
Cabin heating: Mikuni diesel c/heating > 5 rads, s/f stove
Mains 230V: Landline, Victron 2500W inverter/charger

Other: Houdini hatch to galley. Separate ensuite toilet & basin to bedroom


Sue said...

There is no shelving in the saloon and it doesn't look good to put any in. In fact there is very little storage space even in the galley.

I love the 'en suite' loo, hey it even has it's own 'free' 'engaged' toggled knob by the look of it.

You will need more storage than that, and putting a washing machine in that boat could be difficult.

Elly and Mick said...

Sue, you're good at reminding us about storage. We need the reminders! You're right of course. It does look like it would be not so easy to put in shelving in the saloon.

We had actually thought of sacrificing the second loo for the washing machine and for a desk with shelving. Wonder if that's a good or bad idea?!


Sue said...

Yes, an ideal space for the washing machine. Not sure that you would like the desk/office in there, pretty tiny space. Always nice to have a bit of room within the boat itself for the paperwork and computer. ;-)

Elly and Mick said...

Sue, it is a very small space!

We had an "office in a cupboard" at our little Melbourne house and it actually worked really well. This space is a different shape but Mick's a whizz at doing stuff like this so I think he'd be able to come up with something clever. At our old house I actually sat out into the hallway when using the desk but the chair tucked in to close the door. I need somewhere for a printer/scanner to do my work. Maybe a desk that folds up to be able to access the washing machine?

I like this boat so I think I'm trying to come up with solutions!

All this doesn't resolve the saloon storage though, does it.