Monday 18 June 2012

Getting back on track

Mick came home from NZ yesterday and I must say it's nice to not be on my own out here.  His mum was very glad that he flew over to see her.  She's lost her zest for life and is worn out with the whole thing.  It's been a tough couple of years for her.  We'll have to wait and see what happens from here.

We spent the afternoon sorting out some of the many things that need doing to make life more comfortable while we're living in the caravan.  The microwave is in it's final spot in the kitchen, Mick repaired the lid of the benchtop storage hole, the stove and oven are hooked up to a gas bottle and we cooked our first caravan dinner last night.  The caravan is now more stable with blocks under each corner so we don't have to live with the rattling and swaying when we walk around.

On Saturday I went to buy a couple of things and bumped into Tracey, the lady who has bought our house.  We had a coffee together and a great chat.  With many quirks around the property I'm sure we'll have more coffee chats before we leave for the UK!  Mick's a real perfectionist and with that house being the place we intended to spend the rest of our lives he had set up lots of little things that people don't ordinarily bother with.  There's a lot for Tracey to get used to.  Chances are we'll be neighbours in a couple of years (assuming we come back to live in "the house up the road") so it's nice that I can imagine us being friends.

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