Friday 15 June 2012

Not part of the plan

In the midst of trying to sort ourselves out at the caravan and shed we've had things turned upside down.  Mick's mum in New Zealand had a heart attack and he's rushed off to see her - on my birthday no less!  On Wednesday night, after hearing the news, we had been thinking he should go and after another phone call from his sister yesterday morning saying they feared a more major heart attack could follow we decided to book flights.  A few hours later he was on a plane.

So, last night I spent my first night alone in the caravan after going to my mum's for dinner at the last minute.  Thank goodness for mums when you are deserted on your birthday.  Tonight I had dinner with our neighbours.  I have lots to do tomorrow with sorting out the enormous pile of stuff that we dumped in the little office in the shed.  The more major jobs will have to wait until Mick gets home.

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