Saturday 4 August 2012

To do list - 4 August

I'm going to try and keep a closer eye on my "to do" list as we get closer to leaving.  There seems to always be as many things to add to the list as there is to tick off.  New additions in bold

Buy a cheaper house - done
Sorting and packing up belongings for garage sale - done
Apply for Elly's Finnish passport- done
Sell our house - done
Arrange insurance for stored belongings - done
Open a UK bank account - done
Send remaining chickens to their new home- done
Suspend private health insurance - to be done the last couple of weeks
Arrange for our mail to be dealt with at home - done (thanks to J&J)
Arrange for mail in the UK - that would be Lynne
Book airfares - done
Ship belongings to UK - done
Rent out our new house - done
Arrange for someone to have the pot plants- done
Pack up our belongings and store- done
Sell Elly’s car (Mick's truck to be left at workshop) - done (my mum is buying it)
Book accomodation in UK - done
Book hire car in UK - job for next week
Transfer money to UK account - done
Work out what to do with our mobile phone numbers - done
Buy a caravan for temporary home - done
Set up bathroom for temporary home - done
Correspondence to arrive by email rather than post where possible - done
Return all borrowed items to their rightful owners - done
Type up list of stored belongings by box number - 50% complete
Cancel Mick's GST registration - done
Do our 2012 tax returns - in progress
Do tax returns for my mum and her partner - done
Do tax returns for my brother and sister in law - in progress
Set up my laptop with software to work from UK - in progress
Change bills and bank statements to come by email where possible - almost finished
Partition off area in shed to be rented out for storage - done
Find tenant for shed storage area - the ad is in the paper
Make sure all our favourite recipes are on my blog - in progress
Catch up with friends and family before we go - in progress
Go to New Zealand to see Mick's mum before we go - booked
Pack away the last of the belongings we're still using - last job
Make a list of what we need to buy on arrival in UK - done
Pack our suitcases - not yet
Buy a narrowboat - done, yes it is!
Boat survey - in progress
Boat insurance - in progress


Tom and Jan said...

You bought a boat before the results of a survey?

Elly and Mick said...

No, no, survey tomorrow. That's why there's just a hint for those who read all the way to the end. There'll be an "announcement" when the deal is all done! :)