Monday 13 August 2012

Stoppage questions

Thanks very much for the comments directing me to the right place to find out about proposed stoppages.

It has answered my initial question - although a disappointing result - because we had hoped that if we spent the Winter at one of the marinas in Rufford, we could turn from the Rufford Branch towards Burscough so we could catch up with Mick's brother and another friend we have near there.  There is a 4 month stoppage right at Burscough so we won't be able to reach Mick's brother nor get nearer to where Lynne lives.  It's a shame because now they would have to come to us any time we caught up with them.

Now I have another question. Further along in the opposite direction at Burnley is a bridge repair from 12/11/2012 to 06/06/2012 (marked in purple).  Will a bridge repair prevent boats passing?  For 7 months?!


Peter Berry said...

Hi Elly, in my experience bridge repairs have only ever restricted navigation, with the possibility of perhaps a closed towpath for safety reasons. The restrictions related to bridge repairs usually indicate delays possible, take instruction from on site workmen and restricted passage only, not closure. I am sure if you require specific info the relevant CaRT office might be able to advise further. Peter.

Elly and Mick said...

Peter, thanks.
We do have a lot to learn.