Sunday 16 September 2012

2 days to go

We're sitting here after our final social engagement.  Although I'm totally over the socializing as it's been absolute madness, it all seems a bit quiet now.  I'm glad my mum doesn't live in Melbourne any more - at least she's nearby and will take us to the airport on Tuesday.  I'm starting to think I'll miss people.

It's actually been the easiest day we've had for quite some time.  We got up when we felt like it after gazing at the photos of nb Parisien Star that we have taped under the cupboards above our bed.  I've been churning out the washing, and Mick took my two tubs of quilts to the quilt shop for caretaking.  We've sorted more clothes and paperwork and I totally emptied the fridge and pantry. 

My brother, sister in law and stepmum arrived at midday and we went to the local cafe for lunch.  I've been there about 3 times in the last few weeks!  I had a couple of computer jobs for my brother to help me with.  While he was busy with that I even managed to rope the girls into cutting and stacking some fabric hexagons for my quilt.  That was an unexpected bonus.

So now I have my backup jobs done and I feel much better knowing my documents and photos are secure.  Thanks Anthony!  I passed on my little netbook to Anthony to take on his overseas trip in a few weeks time.  I'm going to buy a tablet which will be more useful for us.  Now I just have my laptop and no internet access on it so he helped me set it up to use my phone so I can access the internet. 

We have the challenging task tomorrow of trying to pack our suitcases.  The pile of stuff to go in them is like Mt Everest sitting on top of them.  I think it may be physically impossible.  I'm guessing there'll be some scaling down.

In 2 days time we'll be on the plane.  It doesn't quite seem real.  Thanks everyone for the comments, emails and cards.  We very much appreciate the moral support.

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