Sunday 30 September 2012

Back to Parisien Star

Big day again today.

We headed off from Windermere for the drive South back to Aqueduct Marina.  We arrived just on lunchtime had another look around the boat and then had lunch in the marina cafe.  We also collected the owners manual for nb Parisien Star.

As we walked back across the carpark and yard towards the boat we had someone call out hello to us and there was Peter from nb Kelly Louise.  We've been in touch with him for some time and he's been just fabulous with answering so many of our questions.  There were more today!

We discussed every room on the boat and the various workings.  Goodness, we have a lot to learn.  After Peter went on his way we spent some time sorting out all the bits and bobs left behind in ever drawer and cupboard and cleaning every surface.  I emptied the large suitcase we had left behind last week and put clothes away in cupboards.  There is something about cleaning a place that makes it feel more mine.

Tonight we're starting a week's accomodation in a self catering cottage on a farm about 1/2 hour away from Aqueduct Marina.  It's a lovely place with a friendly border collie.  That will be nice for us.  There was even a "welcome" chocolate cake on the table. 

On the way here from the marina we stopped at Morrisons supermarket to pick up some groceries to get us by the next few days.  We've spent so much money the last 10 days we decided it was time to stay in to eat more now that we're in the same place for a while.  We had decided that once we're afloat we'll allow ourselves to eat out once a week (or get takeaway).  We have to try and stay within our budget.  Groceries are much cheaper here than in Australia so we'll see how far our weekly budget goes once we settle into a routine.  We were amazed at the price of packaged Indian meals in the supermarket.  We tried one tonight - it was a meal for 2 and was only £5. As it turned out we could almost have a second dinner from it and it wasn't too bad. 

Tomorrow we're going to Crewe to Dunelm Mill to find a duvet and a couple of other minor items.  I've become quite partial to a cup of tea so I'm going to buy a teapot.  We're having lunch with Peter and Margaret (nb Kelly Louise) at a nearby pub.  More narrowboat talk coming up......

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