Monday 1 October 2012

Lunch with Peter and Margaret

There was no rush at the start of today.  No alarm, relaxed breakfast, time to spend some time reading through our "boat owners manual".  We spent a couple of hours shopping... yes more... today we bought a duvet (or doona as they're called in Australia), another little clothes drying rack, some plastic storage tubs, a spice rack, a red teapot, more coat hangers and a mortar and pestle.

At midday we met Peter and Margaret (nb Kelly Louise) for lunch at the Star Inn in Acton.  Following lunch we drove to their mooring for a cup of tea on board KL.  We had more discussion about tv's, polish, painting, solid fuel stoves, radiators, and of course the boater's favourite topic - toilets!

Our last stop for the day was nb Parisien Star.  We had another car load of stuff to unload.  I spent yesterday evening sorting out all the remaining things we had in the car and everything that was in the suitcases.  When I think about those 10 boxes of belongings still to come I wonder where on earth we will fit all those things!

Here's the chaos we caused today :


Peter Berry said...

Lovely to meet you both, and looking forward to reading about your exploits in the coming weeks. P and M.

Elly and Mick said...

There'll be many!

Yvonne said...

It looks like Parisien Star's first launch day, brings back memories :-)