Sunday 21 October 2012

Another day at Ellesmere

Still at Ellesmere
Total to date : 30 miles, 21 locks, 8 lift bridges, 1 tunnel

We decided to sleep another night at Ellesmere.  I wanted to get some more work done and Mick wanted to do a few more things off his list.  My sore throat has persisted and I'm feeling tired so I was as productive with work as I'd intended.  Plus, it's difficult to concentrate with Mick banging and crashing, asking for assistance, or wanting me to move stuff.

We went for a walk, went to check out the new solid fuel stove on the boat behind us, chatted with the owner of our new little visitor, did a grocery top up to get us through the next few days.  Our visitor is a cocker spaniel.  She trots hopefully after nearly every person that walks past looking up at them with those eyes.  If they ignore her she turns despondently back towards her boat which is moored ahead of us.

Mick's had a good day - he hung my sampler, put our canal map into a frame we bought, put the spice rack on the wall, and messed around with some shelving he got for free at B & Q the week before.

I eventually gave up trying to concentrate on work at 4pm and we sat out on the front of the boat.  It's been a very pleasant day again. A young couple with 3 little kids walked by and the little girl ran up to read the name of the boat.  Dad noticed our Aussie flag at the window and got chatting about Australia.  He said he loved the Aussie slang.  As they walked away he called out "Seeya ya big galah!".  I nearly fell off my seat laughing!!

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