Tuesday 16 October 2012

First day of work

A day in port - still at Wrenbury
In total to date : 11 miles, 11 locks, 1 lift bridge

A comment on yesterdays blog reminded me I forgot to mention the rest of the washing machine story.  In a previous post we ended up calling out a washing machine repairer because it wasn't working any more.  I have a bad habit of stewing over things in the middle of the night.  We weren't very happy about having to hang around until Monday for the machine to be repaired and we couldn't reasonably expect the marina to allow to stay any longer free of charge so it would cost us more money.  In the middle of the night I was thinking which day it was that I'd used the machine last and it was just before the heating debacle.  So now I was wondering if anything we did to fix that problem might have caused this new one.  We had pressed buttons on the mastervolt electrical panel to get the batteries charging.  I began to wonder if I turned that back off again if the machine would work.

When we got up I told Mick and he muttered about what difference that could possibly make.  I insisted on trying anyway and bingo... the machine worked!  What a relief!!  I cancelled the callout with great pleasure and our plan was back on track. 

So back to today.  Mick said as he got into bed last night that he had a sore throat.  Now that's just what we need.  We decided we should keep Vitamin C, throat lozenges etc on board.  So today he went off on the bus to Whitchurch for a visit to Tesco while I did my work for the day.  I got up early and did a couple of hours before breakfast so my work day was split in two.  Fine with me.  We're going to have to see what works for us with fitting in my work hours.  Today was ok because we weren't cruising.

He managed his bus trip fine and stocked up on a few bits and pieces at Tesco - right where the bus stops in Whitchurch.  This afternoon we had a lovely walk around Wrenbury village.  There was a slight detour off down a side street when Mick heard the sound of a hammer!  He was on a mission to investigate and we found a little housing development underway.  I think when we reach Stone he's going to have to find a bit of work.

Right next to our mooring is this enormous pile of scrap timber piled up in preparation for a huge Guy Fawkes bonfire.  Wish we could be here to see it but we need to move on and by the time we come back past I'm sure the moorings will be taken up by "would be revelers".  It's obviously a much bigger deal here than it is in Australia.  There are advertisements everywhere for community bonfires and fireworks.  The supermarkets all have Halloween stuff out too.

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