Thursday 18 October 2012

A day in port - Grindley Brook

Still at Grindley Brook
Total to date : 17 miles, 21 locks, 3 lift bridges

What a stunning day it's been today.  We've stayed here at Grindley Brook - me to do some work - Mick to get stuck into his list of "jobs".  He's been a very happy Vegemite with tools in his hand all day.  He's removed almost every door from every cupboard to re-hinge them.  He's hung rails under the gunnels so we have somewhere to hang towels and washing to dry.  He's messed with the front and back fenders.   He's made me up a paper towel holder.  All in all, a good days work.

While we had lunch we fed some ducks through the side hatch and after lunch decided to go for a walk in the sunshine. The wind had picked up a little by the time we went out but it was a pleasant walk all the same.  At the bottom of the locks there's a very picturesque little stretch of canal between 2 bridges.  On one side is a house with a perfect manicured garden and on the opposite side is an extremely quaint little second hand book shop.  I bought 3 books!  It operates on an honesty system with a slot in the wall to put your moneyWe took a few photos although the sun had disappeared and it was a little dark, but you get the idea.

We are still here under the trees so there'll be no tv again tonight.... but...  I've had a fabulous internet signal the entire time so that's been a bonus.

Photos from today :
1. The mallard ducks are everywhere but what a handsome fellow he is
2. And they are obviously used to being fed by boaters
3. A very cute little bookshop with nobody in attendance
4. Can you see at the back there's a slot for you to leave your money?
5. - 8. This house is on a stunning little stretch of canal between 2 bridges
9. - 10. Instructions for operating the staircase locks


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