Thursday 25 October 2012

Meeting Lindsay

Another day in Ellesmere
Total to date : 60 miles, 25 locks, 8 lift bridges, 3 tunnels, 6 aqueducts

Today we had a quiet day with a visit from Mick's half brother Peter and Lindsay, his daughter.  We haven't met Lindsay before despite having been in contact by email for the last 5 years.  She's currently living in Dubai and is home for a week's holiday.  It's the first time our visits to the UK have co-incided w0ith hers.

We had lunch at the Red Lion pub in Ellesmere - a very big pub meal.  There'll be no dinner cooked at our place tonight!

It's the first time we've really got to show our boat to someone who doesn't know narrowboats.  We loved the reaction.  Yes!  We have a washing machine!  Yes!  We have a shower!  What?  You'd rather walk to Tesco than use our loo?  (Peter wasn't so bashful).

Lindsay, it was lovely to meet you after all this time.  Uncle Mick says so too. :)
Peter, thanks for driving all the way out here... we know it wasn't quite the Ellesmere you expected.

Photos today :
1. In the centre of Ellesmere - this building reminds me of the clocktower in Back To The Future!
2. An interesting arrangement - a sort of butty with a stern that is shaped to fit over the bow of the boat.
3. Peter, Elly, Mick, Lindsay - taken by the barman but unfortunately no flash

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