Friday 26 October 2012

Double glazing success

We couldn't wait to get out of bed this morning and check if yesterday's efforts paid off.  What a great success it was!  The galley window was covered in condensation as usual, the side hatch was dry behind the pull across blind.  The other 4 windows were dry with the exception of one small spot where we can see the draft stop tape didn't quite reach the timber work at the top of the window so there's a little gap that will need attention.

As we sat and ate our breakfast we could actually look out a window without having to wipe it every 5 minutes to see anything.  Success!

Photos :
1. Galley window this morning
2. Top of the galley window - our morning welcome
3. Bottom of the opposite window in the galley - old water damage but dry today!
4. Top of one saloon window - a small section of condensation
5. The "clear window" breakfast - a poached egg with spinach and mushrooms


Barry and Sandra said...

What a great idea, we'll have to try that one!

Diane and Ray said...

I am so glad it worked for you , its so much better than the constant need to wipe the windows. Good work guys : ) Diane

Louise Sutton said...

Awesome idea, Mick! Cheap double glazing replacements are now a great activity for any DIY enthusiast.