Friday 5 October 2012

Launch... at last

What a long day it was today.  By the time we eventually watched the boat drift off the trailer and into the marina it was after 4.30pm.  Not quite how we planned things when we have a big day tomorrow learning to handle our boat.  There wasn't time to properly test the heating etc, the boys were going home as we were busy picking up the things we'd put all over the floor in preparation for launching.  We'll try the heating out tomorrow while we're out and let them know if it's working ok.

We went to Nantwich today while we waited and had a wander around the town.  We had some kitchen stuff left on the boat that is coming in our boxes from Australia (if we ever get them) so we took the excess to a charity shop.  There are some gorgeous old buildings in the centre of the town.  I bought a handful of books for 99p each and once I've finished them will swap them at book swaps along the way.

I have had a go at uploading video I took today on my camera (a bit wobbly and out of focus).  If it works as it should they will appear on the right hand side of the blog page under "video".  We'll see how it goes!

Photos : 
1. The marina with the spot where nb Parisien Star will go just visible at bottom right
2. The trailer moving back to fit across the bottom of the boat
3. On the move
4. Backing down towards the water
5. Afloat !
6. Reversing into her berth
7. - 9. Nantwich

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