Thursday 4 October 2012

An anticlimax

Well, we were all set for today to be launch day.... and it didn't happen!

Yesterday Mick went and asked about having the engine and the Eberspacher heating boiler serviced before we head out of the marina next week.  Today when Mick went and asked the engine fellow (who also drives the tractor that takes boats into and out of the water) about what time he could put us back in the water, he said he'd decided to do our engine service tomorrow rather than next week.  He'd rather do the servicing on hardstanding so he won't be putting her back in the water until tomorrow afternoon.  That was a bit of an anticlimax.

We had our picnic lunch, trying Branston pickle to see what all the fuss is about. When we were shopping the other day we thought we should buy a small jar to try.  An enormous jar was the same price as the brands that sold much smaller ones.  We were hoping we'd like it as we have this huge jar to get through. 

After lunch we decided to go for a drive to Midland Chandlers at Preston Brook to have a look at their solid fuel stoves and to buy an aerial for the new TV.  We enjoyed the drive.

Still no sign of our boxes and the boat is filling up fast.  Where, oh where, are we going to fit it all?

We decided to have an early dinner out tonight - the first time on our own since we got here.  We went to Dusty Miller's in Wrenbury.  What a lovely spot that is on the Llangollen Canal.  It's the image of the reason we came here with the canal lift bridge by the pub.  It was an enjoyable meal too.  We'll have to remember to mark this spot in our Nicholson Guide for the Llangollen.  There is also the Cotton Arms down the road to check out when we return on our boat.

Photos :
1. Aqueduct Marina
2.  Branston pickle - he doesn't look too impressed does he, but we quite liked it
3. Outside the Dusty Miller pub
4. Across the road at the Alvechurch hire base
5. Swing bridge
6. Us at the pub



Mark and Corinne said...

If you need any expensive things from midland chandlers, this Friday 5th is a good time to buy, they have 20% off everything.

Tom and Jan said...

Elly, you can buy Branston Pickle in Oz!!!!!! Try it with cheese or ham!