Sunday 2 September 2012

Nearer and nearer

At last a weekend at home to catch up on some more chores and I actually feel like we're getting on top of things.  Yesterday I even lodged Mick's tax return!

I've had another couple of days unwell after sitting on the plane from NZ next to a fellow who coughed and spluttered the entire way.  We had a little farewell dinner Friday night with the people from my office.  Shame I felt so dreadful.

Today I packed up one suitcase ready to go to England, booked a hire car, bought a kangaroo figurine on Ebay to have a tiller pin made up, we've ordered a book of British birds so we can look out for them along the way, I've washed the fabric I want to take with me for my hexagon star quilt, caught up on all the other washing and cleaned out the freezer.  All the bills are paid and the paperwork is up to date.

Things stepped up a little for us this evening.  Garry who is co-owner of the shed where we are currently living is going on holiday to Canada with his girlfirend Trish on Tuesday.  We'll be gone by the time they return in 4 weeks time.  Saying farewell for a year or more was a bit of a reality check as they drove away.

Here's Mick practicing his relaxation skills...

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