Wednesday 21 November 2012

A Christmas tree!

Today was a much milder day.

Mick had the shower in bits so we've used the showers up at the marina office building.  Not ideal with nowhere dry to put your clothing or towel (maybe they haven't heard of shower curtains!).  It was ok though.  I went early and left my boots and coat outside the door and took a huge plastic bag to hang on the door with everything else in it.

I had another good days work while Mick beavered away in the bathroom.  I was going to walk to Aldi with Diane but had forgotten about the cratch cover fellow coming to see us.  He duly arrived and we discussed what we wanted so now we just have to wait for them to have time to do the job.  It won't be before Christmas.

Elaine from nb Caxton was walking by when I was out the back so she came in for a coffee and a natter.  As I typed this blog entry I saw she had posted on theirs.  She's taken a slip on the pontoon which is something I'm worried about doing.  At least where they are they have gravel along the end of the pontoons - we have another strip of decking with water on the other side of it.  You can just see the water on the left in the first photo below. PLEASE.... don't let me slip and fall in!

When I saw her photos I went out in the dark to take a photo of the marina building with the tree out front.  It's very nice to see the first signs of Christmas.  Wouldn't it be nice if we had a white one.

Yesterday at our afternoon tea, Diane and I thought we might go by train and check out the German Christmas market at Birmingham.  It's the largest outside of Germany.  I'll look forward to it, but in the back of my mind I'm hankering to see the real thing.

We're looking forward to seeing the Eberspacher repair man tomorrow.  It will be nice to have the whole boat warm again rather than just the living area.  The washing doesn't dry very well when the boat is so cold.

Photos :
1. This is the view from the back of our boat.  See the Christmas tree lights behind the marina office?
2. And zoomed in - they brought the tree in on a truck today.
3. This evening.

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