Thursday 8 November 2012

Another blue with the loo

Rode Heath to Kidsgrove : 3 miles, 12 locks
Total to date : 112 miles, 79 locks, 20 lift bridges, 6 tunnels, 6 aqueducts

This morning I woke to the sound of nb Alton heading off. It was early! It was a nice morning and we had a good run of locks ahead of us.  We did half the locks each and as we went we noticed the water having an increasing orange tint. We are nearing the Harecastle Tunnel which is a daunting prospect. The tunnel is nearly 3000 yards long and they close a gate behind you after you enter. Long tunnels are dark and dank at the best of times so we aren't really looking forward to nearly an hour of being locked inside.

 We have a few days before taking on the tunnel and the few days may have to be extended if we aren't quickly able to resolve our new loo problem. It was very lucky that it came about at a time where we have a pub at the next bridge and a 24hr Tesco within walking distance (customer loos provided)!  The other day we had a blockage, now we have no vacuum. Without a quick resolution this evening we decided further investigation would have to wait til tomorrow. We aren't in a hurry and we are on a 14 day mooring. We did discover something we are doing wrong with the loo. We have been trying to minimise the amount of water the loo uses. It seems that wasn't a good idea. It's worth googling a problem... We didn't get a miracle answer but learnt something all the same.

We enjoyed today's cruising. It was pretty countryside and we enjoy working locks. There were a few folk to chat to along the way.

Photos of the day :
1. Very pretty approach to a pair of locks
2. Notice the colour of the water is changing
3. Not a care in the world!
4. An awkward angle approaching this lock
5. Goodness, he even waved
6. The locks were getting increasingly slimy and smelly
7. A pretty view
8. The lock at the Red Bull pub
9. It was a nice old bridge behind which we later discovered was an aqueduct
10. The day ended with grovelling under the bed

In the drink to date : Elly - phone charger (retrieved - it floated!), Mick - sunglasses, Mick - hearth brush, Mick - mooring hook (retrieved with sea searcher), Mick - reading glasses

1 comment:

Roger from Crown said...

Hi Elly and Mick,
Give me a call over the loo problem, you really seem to having more than your fair share of trouble.
Re Harecastle, its a breeze.
From your approach direction the doors don't shut behind you, there are only doors at the south portal.
Faster is better than slower, go too slow and you will rattle around the tunnel, moderate speed aligns the boat in the centre ( simple physics) Passage should be about 30 to 40 minutes unless you are unlucky enough to be behind a boat that hasn't had the aforementioned advice :-)