Tuesday 27 November 2012

Back to normal water levels

Firstly to Lynn from nb Stanley, who left a comment on yesterday's post, everything's looking fine from what we can see.  I only saw your comment this evening after having coffee with a few from your pontoon.  It sounds like the same happened over there as what did here and they looked out for the boats that were unattended. 

This morning the water had receded but there were boats with their backsides stuck up on the decks.  The marina owner went around and helped groups of guys trying to push 16 tonne narrowboats off their pontoons.  The boat next to us was wedged by the steel plate below it's rear fender but it wasn't long until all was well again.

There was a good turnout at today's moorer's afternoon tea. Last week there was half a dozen sitting comfortably at the round table, today we had a dozen squeezed around.  It was cold so sitting like sardines didn't see too bad!  We enjoyed meeting a few more folk moored here in the marina.

We had our heating unit returned today!  It's so nice tonight to have the whole boat warm and no noisy fan heater. 

Photos of today's afternoon tea (some eyes closed or not looking at camera but at least we have everyone) :
1. Ray (nb Ferndale), Mick, Mike (working on nb Ferndale's galley)
2. Me, Diane (nb Ferndale), Jo (nb Gentle Presence)
3. Andy (nb Josephine), Ray again
4. Diane again, Jo, Jean (nb Josephine)
5. Jim and Joan (nb Two Jays)
6. Elaine (nb Caxton), Malcolm and Gill (nb Shoehorn)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply. It is reassuring to know that people on the marina are looking out for the other boats.Lynn