Tuesday 20 November 2012

A work day

Today was a work day for me.  It was nice to work without a pending lock, or knowing we need to move on, or that the weather is glorious and I'd rather be out for a walk!  We actually had rain this morning.

Mick got stuck into working on the shower today so we'll be using the marina facilities for the next few days at least.  When cleaning out the shower pump (the shower base is actually below the waterline so a pump is needed to pump the water out) he noticed that the shower had been leaking into the space beneath the pullout laundry hamper.  A lot of the grouting was cracked so it's not surprising.  There was also a loose tile that had a shampoo dispenser mounted on it so he wanted to remove that and re-glue the tile.  Then there was all the grout to chip out and the whole lot re-grouted.  Boy, was he in his element!  He knows what to do with this stuff!

As it turned out we now have half the tiles removed.  The other wall - the one against the dinette - was quite wet behind the tile that he removed so he ended up taking off some more.  At least it will all be re-glued and re-sealed and re-siliconed properly.

We had a walk around the marina to check out the cratch covers on other boats.  Tomorrow we're meeting up with Scott from Kinver Canopies to talk about a new cratch cover. 

Then, on Wednesday we have a fellow coming to repair the Eberspacher heater.  The weather has been much milder today so the little fan heater is working a treat.  At least we're not cold. 

This afternoon we had afternoon tea in one of the little "huts" in the marina.  Diane from nb Ferndale, social butterfly that she is, has organised for boaters to meet there every Monday over Winter.  It's a good opportunity to meet some of the others as nobody is out and about too much when the weather is cold.

I've been back into my sewing lately which I'm happy about.  I use my little re-chargeable battery operated Daylight.  It's an excellent thing.  I'm missing another monthly sewing group get-together this week so thought I should get motivated and finish the quilt block I'm working on and send the girls a photo of it.  I have until Thursday morning!  It's nearly done.  That got me thinking that I should try and find a sewing group for over the Winter. I haven't found a patchwork shop yet but surely there must be something in Stoke.

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