Sunday 25 November 2012

A cold start to a day of stitching

This morning we woke to an extremely cold morning.  The frost wasn't quite as heavy as we'd had the weekend before but it was really cold getting across to the amenities block for a shower.  My hands were freezing.

I had an enjoyable day today attending a local quilt groups "finishing day".  I had nothing that needed finishing but it was a chance to chat to other patchworkers and I made good progress on my next UK block for my quilt.  I also got inspiration for a couple of other projects.

I had checked out the buses and knew where I had to be at what time.  Just as I was getting ready to go I mentioned that we had some little parcels to post back to Australia so Mick decided we should walk into Stone together and he'd post the parcels and I'd catch the bus from there.  On the surface that plan sounded fine to me but by the time he messed about and we finally got going we didn't reach Stone until 10am and I'd just missed a bus.  I did get there eventually to the village hall in Tittensor, having been given directions by the friendly bus driver.

A couple of the ladies very kindly offered me a lift back to the marina so I took one of them up on the offer.  I would have had to leave early if I was to catch the bus back and walk back to the marina before dark.

Mick checked out the Christmas day menu at a pub up the road and we've decided we'll book in for lunch.  Bit of a treat to not have to cook on Christmas day!  It sounded like a very nice menu.

I see Ray has posted a couple of the photos he took of our return after the pumpout and diesel visit : click.
He seems to have omitted the false start in between those two photos!  Thanks Ray!!

Today :
1. A very narrow ice block
2. The gate to our pontoon
3. The deck where they have tables and chairs in better weather looked like an ice rink
4. Gorgeous baby jacket knitted by Ruth (and she even had her own label sewn on it!)
5. Future project - Christmas tree from log cabin quilt blocks

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