Monday 11 February 2013

Work and weather

Yesterday I unpacked the entire cratch in search of a few bits and pieces and then put it all back in again.  I'm thinking we're going to need the roof box Mick wanted to make.... and why is it when you need something it will always be in the last place you look!  Between that, a short walk and work the day was gone.

The snow hasn't eventuated and today has just been a rainy day.... all day.  The wind has been rocking the boat too and fro all day as well.  There's very few people walking around the marina when it's like this.

Mick's been finding the heat a bit difficult at home.  What a shock to to be having 30 degrees higher every day!

Weather for Stone, UK
Sun : Cloudy, Max 4° Min 0°
Mon : Cloudy, Max 2° Min -2°
Tue : Partly sunny, Max 2° Min -7°
Wed : Chance of rain, Max 3° Min 1°
Thu : Partly sunny, Max 6° Min 0°
Fri : Partly sunny, Max 7° Min 3°
Sat : Chance of rain, Max 6° Min 1°
Sun : Clear, Max 4° Min 0°

Weather for Bendigo, Australia
Sun : Partly sunny, Max 28° Min 12°
Mon : Clear, Max 30° Min 12°
Tue : Clear, Max 29° Min 14°
Wed : Clear, Max 34° Min 18°
Thu : Partly sunny, Max 34° Min 19°
Fri : Partly sunny, Max 33° Min 19°
Sat : Partly sunny, Max 33° Min 19°
Sun : Chance of rain, Max 35° Min 19°


Ray & Leonie. said...

Hi,read your and other blogs most everyday as we have purchased a NB, and will be arriving in Manchester April 4th.The boat is moored in Wigan and is all set to go,were planning on cruising for 2-3 yrs initially Hope to catch up on the cut.Ray & Leonie,Napier NZ.. PS in process of starting a blog as well..

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Ray and Leonie,
Great to hear from you!
Hope everything goes well with your adventure. What's the name of your boat and where did you buy it from?
Make sure you leave a comment with your blog details too.
We'll certainly look out for you.

Ray & Leonie. said...

Hi,boat was named Firefly,we added NZ,so it is now FireflyNZ.Was 3 months old & fitted out by owners,Peter & Janet Royle.Its the second NB they've done.Google his name with wood turner,thats his trade.Cheers Ray..