Wednesday 25 June 2014


I've been harbouring a secret from Mick for the past few months!  I had arranged for a model to be made of our boat.

His birthday was Monday and this parcel arrived today.  Not bad timing.

All the hours of measuring and taking photos whenever Mick was off for a walk has paid off.  We are thrilled with the model of nb Parisien Star.


Andy said...

What a great model,the Aussie flag in the window is such a nice touch.... do you have some mini plastic bags for the rear doors:) Glad you are settling back into the real world ok.

Missing your boaty bloggings.

Andy & Sue x

Unknown said...

See you soon Aunty Elly!
Love Minkaxoxo

Unknown said...

So good to see that she arrived safe and sound after many hours of hard work.

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