Thursday 31 May 2012

2 weeks til settlement

The time is really flying by.  I've packed so many boxes that we almost ran out of them.  Lucky there are workplaces, both old and new, that receive deliveries in cardboard boxes.  I had dinner with some of my old workmates and collected a stack of boxes at the same time.

My car is overdue a service but it's much more difficult now than when I was working in Melbourne.  I tried to work out a way to get from Bendigo to work by public transport but the trains don't run that often and it left me with a very short working day.  In the end I took today off.  My dear mum will come shopping with me so the day isn't wasted.  I still have a list of things to do and buy in Bendigo.

It is Mick's last day of work before we move out of the house.  He's taking next week off to get the moving done.

I'll be glad when this part is over.

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