Sunday 6 May 2012

The first weekend

It's been a huge weekend of passing cars tooting their horns in acknowledgement of our "Sold" sign, neighbours calling in unexpectedly to offer congratulations (and ending up staying for dinner), and us just trying to get our heads around the huge task ahead.

2 weeks to have the house up the road ready for the tenants.
5 weeks to have all our stuff packed up and moved out.
20 weeks to be ready to get on that plane.

It's all rather daunting really.  Telling people we've booked a one way ticket to the UK seems to be getting the appropriate response.  Mostly stunned silence!  We have been very selective with who we have told of our plans over the last couple of years.  We still had to continue working and living in a relative small community and decided to avoid the gossip and only share our plans with close friends.  So now... the locals know the tenants that are moving into the other house, and are asking where we are going to live!  This week will bring a flurry of gossip around town I'm sure.

Meanwhile, I've started on the boxes again.

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