Sunday 13 May 2012

Our house buyer

Yesterday afternoon we had a visit from the buyer of our house, Tracey.  She had mentioned to the real estate agent that she would be interested in buying a few items of furniture that we have... and we had mentioned to the agent that we would be interested in selling some of our furniture.  A good arrangement all round.

When Tracey and her friend arrived we immediately felt comfortable with them.  She was so obviously thrilled to have bought this house that we felt happy that it was her buying it.  We have a bit of a sentimental attachment to the place and I was desperately hoping that someone would buy it that loved it.

We spent a pleasant couple of hours chatting about all sorts of things and agreeing on furniture deals.  We're pleased to leave some larger items behind - it will make the moving easier and mean less in storage. Plus, a little extra money in the bank for our adventure.

So... we are very happy to be handing over what has been a 12 year labour of love to a lady who we really like. 

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