Friday 25 May 2012

Nine months of Winter?

Goodness it's cold tonight!  We've got the Rayburn burning in our back room/kitchen but the rest of the house is like a freezer!!!  I feel like we're in practice for the UK Winter.  When we started talking about it tonight we realized that we're going to get our Aussie Winter and then an even worse Winter.  In fact with it being cold already now in May, except for perhaps a slight easing of the weather early September in Australia and hopefully a few good weeks in the UK in October, we've got close to a nine month Winter.

I must say I'm not very much looking forward to having to go out the caravan, across the driveway, into the shed and right down to the other end of the building to use the bathroom. It's going to be absolutely freezing.  More good practice.


Tom and Jan said...

Start practicing with the bucket! :-)

Derek and Dot said...

Hi Elly and Mick
We did the same when we went to the UK in 2006 at the end of NZ winter straight into the UK winter. Not as bad as it sounds, we had a ball.