Wednesday 9 May 2012

Walking on sunshine

Some days just feel good from start to finish and yesterday was one of those.

The day before, on my day off, I did the social rounds.  I drove to Healesville to visit my sister in law and little nephew, Declan.  He's such a happy little chap.  There's a new baby on the way (a girl this time) so that's something else to look forward to before we go away.

Next was coffee with Vic, my old school friend.  It was a boisterous hour of 3 excited kids and a dose of puppy love from Fee the guide dog puppy.  Fee is proving to be a star performer at just 4 months old.  She's great on a lead, does all the right things with ignoring food, other dogs etc and the toilet training has been a breeze.  A happy family.

Finally dinner with a friend I used to work with long ago.  Cathy's always good for a pep talk and dose of positive thinking.  It was relaxing after a couple of hours of Declan's showing off, and the after school noise at Vic's.

So.... I started yesterday on a positive note.  My Tuesday employer is happy for us making such exciting plans. Of course she'd rather I stay and keep working in the office but it's nice that she's being supportive and wants to work towards setting up for me to do this work from our narrowboat. 

I finished a little earlier and set off for the 1 1/2 hr trip home well ahead of the peak traffic time.  I've always loved the feeling of driving home from Melbourne.  I work right on the edge of the city so there's a lot of traffic in the area.  Once I'm on the freeway just down from the office there is no traffic lights for the rest of the trip.  Slowly the cars turn off the highway and there is less and less on the road.  It's a nice wind down as I head further from the city.  Yesterday was a lovely sunny Autumn day and driving home was a pleasure with the sun filtering through the gums, Garth Brooks on CD, and a positive frame of mind.

The day was even topped off by a Facebook "chat" with Diane from nb Ferndale.  I got to ask some of our endless questions and she even kindly added to my "to do list". 

A great day all round!

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