Tuesday 22 May 2012

HSBC UK account update

We went to Melbourne today to sign up for our UK bank account and open an Aussie one too.  It was all dealt with quickly and efficiently - we were very happy with the service.

There was one thing that I'd either mis-understood or hadn't been clear in my questions on the phone the other day when we did the phone application.  It turns out we can have a Visa/Mastercard on our UK account without having to apply for a separate credit card account.  So.... we had one less account to sort out.

As a bonus for the day, HSBC South Melbourne had a brochure on their counter saying if you opened an everyday account (or whatever it was called!) you will get two Gold Class movie passes.  Excellent!


Tom and Jan said...

Ours was exactly the same experience Apart from no gold passes :-(

Do you have to go to the branch in London to collect the cards. That is what we had to do!

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Tom and Jan,

So how have you found HSBC? Is there reasonable access to ATM's? Can you use ATM's of any other banks without charge?

If we'd been closer to leaving we would have had to go collect the cards at a UK branch but with so much time to spare they are going to post them to us here.


Tom and Jan said...

HSBC is great. In the UK you can use any bank's ATM to complete withdrawal.... and there is no charge!
I'd be surprised if you receive your UK cards in Oz. We received our Oz cards before we left but had to collect our UK cards in London when we arrived!