Sunday 27 May 2012

Caravan - not quite according to plan

Mick went and collected our temporary home yesterday.  The plan was to bring it home and keep it under our carport over the next couple of weeks so I can clean it, Mick can make a bed base, and we can finally pack our clothes, cookware, linen etc straight into the van to be towed out to the shed on the last day.  We thought how nice it would be to have a bed made up and ready to sleep in for the first night out there.

This was all very well in theory but it isn't what happened.  He arrived home after a rather daunting drive.  His 1 tonne Mazda Bravo isn't cut out for towing 18ft caravans.  He started backing the van through the gates towards the carport and realized it wasn't going to fit!  We had intended it would go on my side of the carport which is on the higher side of the slope.  So, with me out there waving my arms about and mum watching on in likely amusement, we made a second attempt but this time on the lower side of the carport.  Still no luck.  We had no idea it was so high off the ground. 

Finally in desperation we decided to back it in at a crazy angle beside the carport and take it out to the shed Sunday.  I spent a good couple of hours cleaning everything and took down all the curtains. This morning it's been towed off again and the rest will have to be done out at the shed.

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