Thursday 21 June 2012

A weekend of rest

Our routine has well and truly gone out the window.  Things we didn't need to think about before have suddenly become important to consider.... everything from choosing what to cook for dinner (using our very basic cooking facilities), to carting a bag of rubbish with us to work or to visit someone (we only have an industrial skip for rubbish and don't want to put food in it), to remembering to take our water container to fill when I go to work (we've bought new water tanks but Mick hasn't had a chance to set them up - and it's pouring rain today!).  Many things will get easier once there is time to set things up better but for now we have to persevere.

It's been the most exhausting month of our lives and we're both so tired.  They had the office so over-warm today that I was worried I'd fall asleep!  Mick managed to pick up a cold on the plane when he went to NZ so he's not feeling the best. 

We both have our birthdays in June and instead of buying each other a present we usually have a weekend away instead.  This weekend has been booked since before Christmas and as it's turned out the timing couldn't be better.  It's just what we need - a weekend of rest at the beach.


Alleycat said...

Hi Ellie & Mick, I'm in awe of what you two are prepared to go through in order to live your dream. You must be so excited to think how much closer you are to it now!

Do get that rest though - I'm speaking here as someone who recently pushed it to the limit (118 hours without sleep) and was ill for two weeks afterwards, it's just not worth it, you've got to give your bodies a chance to recouperate :)

All the best with your temporary setup and most of all, keep the faith!

Regards, Aly

Elly and Mick said...

Thanks Aly,

How on earth could you go 118hrs without sleep?! Any wonder you got ill.

We certainly needed this rest - we've both got colds now. It can only pick up a bit from here and we'll get there eventually.