Monday 6 August 2012

Stern cover for traditional narrowboat

I've been trying to find what is available as a stern cover on a traditional style narrowboat.  I had a blog entry about 18 months ago about cratch and pram covers but most of those links are already obsolete.

Today I found this one which is about the best option I've seen so far.  I wonder how well you can see through the plastic "window" in the pouring rain.


Derek Bird said...

I would not bother and I almost got hit by someone with in the rain.

All going well with your purchase, look forward to meeting up one day


Carol said...

We have a pram hood but unless we’re on the Thames we always travel with it down (to ensure we don’t hit low bridges or branches). We also have a ‘flat’ cover which has a small zipped opening where the helmsman stands which we use if we have to move when it’s wet. Best company for covers in our opinion is AJ Canopies Braunston. They are great, very friendly and efficient.
best of luck

Elly and Mick said...

Derek, a few people say they'd rather a golf umbrella if it rains. Certainly a cheaper option.

Carol, the flat cover sounds like a good idea. It's the having to move in the wet weather that we're trying to find a solution for!


Adam said...

Which is worse -- ruining the look of a boat, or getting a bit wet?

If it's raining, put your waterproofs on (so I can still see I have my Tilley hat on with a hood over the top), and pull the slide towards you.

Paul and El said...

Hi Guys
Our plan was not to move when it rained, if we had gone down that path we would still be moored at Yardley rains a lot.
Personally I don't like the pram hoods, restricted visibility plus a good chance on hitting bridges and trees etc.
We have the flat rear cover that unzips so your bottom half keeps dry, the downside being Elaine cannot get out of the stern easily and quickly if she has to.
To me the best bet is good wet weather gear, and a good wide brim hat, I prefer the hat as the wet weather hood interferes with my hearing, and restricted visibility with a hood!
I really don't mind steering in the rain with all the gear on.

Yvonne said...

Buy yourself a good quality, storm proof golf umbrella until you get used to the boat and decide if you REALLY need a pram cover. Personally I wouldn't waste the money.