Friday 10 August 2012


Well, following my looking into "pram covers" there were some great comments on the blog.  I had a discussion with my brother the other night about waterproofs (he's a hiker) and I'm now thinking maybe we were under-estimating the English weather. 

We had thought that if it was raining we'd just stay put, but I see Paul and Elaine below had the same thought - before arriving in the UK!  It seems we need to have a re-think on the matter. 

I couldn't imagine how well you'd be able to see through the plastic window of a pram hood, and the nuisance of having to take it down for low bridges makes us wonder if it would be worth it.  There seems to be so many votes for waterproofs and a good umbrella that we'll just stick with that plan and see how we go!

Comments from pram cover blog entry.....
Derek Bird said...
I would not bother and I almost got hit by someone with in the rain.
All going well with your purchase, look forward to meeting up one day
Carol said...
We have a pram hood but unless we’re on the Thames we always travel with it down (to ensure we don’t hit low bridges or branches). We also have a ‘flat’ cover which has a small zipped opening where the helmsman stands which we use if we have to move when it’s wet. Best company for covers in our opinion is AJ Canopies Braunston. They are great, very friendly and efficient.
best of luck
Adam said...
Which is worse -- ruining the look of a boat, or getting a bit wet?
If it's raining, put your waterproofs on (so I can still see I have my Tilley hat on with a hood over the top), and pull the slide towards you.
August 8, 2012 11:47 PM
Paul and Elaine said...
Hi Guys
Our plan was not to move when it rained, if we had gone down that path we would still be moored at Yardley rains a lot.
Personally I don't like the pram hoods, restricted visibility plus a good chance on hitting bridges and trees etc.
We have the flat rear cover that unzips so your bottom half keeps dry, the downside being Elaine cannot get out of the stern easily and quickly if she has to.
To me the best bet is good wet weather gear, and a good wide brim hat, I prefer the hat as the wet weather hood interferes with my hearing, and restricted visibility with a hood!
I really don't mind steering in the rain with all the gear on.

Yvonne said...
Buy yourself a good quality, storm proof golf umbrella until you get used to the boat and decide if you REALLY need a pram cover. Personally I wouldn't waste the money.


Tom and Jan said...

We are going to have a pram cover. On a semi-trad or cruiser stern we think it will make a good "dry area" for changing between wet and dry clothing plus it can be used to dry washing in winter or rainy days.
We may not use it when actually cruising.

Mike and Poppy said...

We have a pram cover, visibility can be a problem and you will need a cloth handy to clear condensation. However, we can raise and lower ours in less than 90 seconds. We have even raised and lowered the cover on the move. This year on the river Trent we put the cover up because there was no where to stop and the rain was in torrents. It's especially good if the rain looks like its going to be very heavy.

We usually move with the cover down as we like the wind in our hair and the better visibility. However, on long river trips on a hot day the cover can provide a canopy for shade. You can remove the sides and front on ours, the back also rolls up to roof level.

We look upon the extra space as a sort of conservatory and tend to spend time in there looking around rather than being inside.

It is also a good place to leave wet clothes when we have been on a walk with the dogs. Rather than stripping down inside.

But best of all, its pretty good drying room for the odd hand washed item. Everyone has a preference. everyone has a different expectation of what can be a benefit and what can be a waste.

The only tip I would give is have a front screen that rolls downwards. You get the forward visibility and the maximum protection from the rain.


Mick n Mags

Elly and Mick said...

We would definitely want a pram cover if were to buy a semi trad stern narrowboat, for the very reasons you both mention. It would be great to have a dry area to take off wet or dirty shoes etc.

I had just been looking to see what was available for a trad. I know there wouldn't be the same benefits of somewhere to dry clothes or leave wet shoes, but I thought perhaps for keeping rain from entering the hatch and keeping the helmsman from getting wet.