Saturday 15 September 2012

3 days to go

We had a big day today.  We didn't mess around over breakfast - I wanted to get a load of washing on before heading off and there were quite a few things I needed to remember to put in the car. 

First stop for the day was at our old house.  I thoroughly enjoyed a walk around the garden with Tracey.  Spring is the best time and it's like the whole garden is waking up after a sleep.  Tracey has started getting into the gardening so that was lovely to see. The one thing I miss about that place is the vegetable garden.  One day we'll have one again.

Meanwhile Mick went to collect the mail and to call in on the tenants in "the house up the road".  I wonder if I'll ever stop thinking of it that way! 

We drove separately to Bendigo - me having a coffee with Tracey first and Mick taking his truck to Kevin and Bernice's house where it will stay while we're away. We all met at a nearby pub for lunch which was very enjoyable.  We'll miss Kevin and Bernice! 

Next I took Mick to meet a friend of his for a few beers at another pub and I went to mum's.  I took my laptop and a box of receipts to type them up ready for doing Mick's 2013 tax.  We discussed how to use the breadmaker (darn, we forgot to pack it in the boxes we sent!) as mum decided she'd like to give it a try while we're gone.

Just before dinner time I collected Mick and we headed home to our caravan.  Tired, excited and a little apprehensive.

On the planning front we've booked in dinner with Lynne for next Saturday, we've arranged a couple of days of boat handling training - firstly from the marina and 10 days later at the Anderton boat lift so we can learn about handling the boat on a river.  At the end of the week after next we'll have a couple of days at Windermere which I'm looking forward to as well.

Only 3 more sleeps...


Yvonne said...

You'll be able to grow a few veggies on the roof next year. I've had great success with tumbling tomatoes and strawberries and have loads of different herbs. I've also seen boats growing potatoes, carrots and courgettes but I haven't tried them myself.

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Yvonne,
I'll definitely grow herbs. I miss those the most. I haven't bought parsley, oregano, mint, coriander or chives in years and the thought of paying for a lemon!!! Don't think I can do much about the lemons but the other things I'm going to have a try.
I'll look forward to it.