Friday 14 September 2012

4 days - to do list - for the last time

The list is over... we really only have a few hours left to get these things done over the next 3 days.

 Last night we had dinner at the home of Mick's workmate and his wife.  I had my last day at work today and it was an amazing feeling leaving the office for the last time.  My friend Tammy came by this afternoon to say farewell.  The next time I see her she'll be married!

I'm having coffee tomorrow morning with Tracey, the lovely lady who bought our house.  We're having lunch in Bendigo with the friends who will take care of Mick's truck while we are gone.  From then on we'll have only mum's old Russell for transport.  Tomorrow afternoon Mick is catching up with a mate in Bendigo and I'll go to my mum's and later pick him up to come home.  I've decided I'll have to take the 2013 tax work to do while I'm there or I'll simply run out of time.  Sorry mum!

Sunday my brother, sister in law and stepmum are coming up for lunch at the local cafe.  Before and after we'll have a few hours to start packing away the things we've been using while living here at the shed - paperwork, sewing, books, magazines, laundry stuff.  Plus, we're in the midst of washing clothes, sheets, towels etc ready to be packed away. 

I'm hoping we'll have most of it done before Monday.  I have yoga in the morning and it would be nice if we weren't rushing around in the afternoon.  Fingers crossed.

So for the last time :

Buy a cheaper house - done
Sorting and packing up belongings for garage sale - done
Apply for Elly's Finnish passport- done
Sell our house - done
Arrange insurance for stored belongings - done
Open a UK bank account - done
Send remaining chickens to their new home- done
Suspend private health insurance - done
Arrange for our mail to be dealt with at home - done
Order new key for mailbox - done
Arrange for mail in the UK - done
Book airfares - done
Rent out our new house - done
Arrange for someone to have the pot plants- done
Pack up our belongings and store - done
Ship belongings to UK - done 
Sell Elly’s car - done
Get chips in car windscreen repaired - done
Get roadworthy for car - done
Complete car transfer paperwork - done
Book accomodation in UK - done
Transfer money to UK account - done
Work out what to do with our mobile phone numbers - done
Buy a caravan for temporary home - done
Set up bathroom for temporary home - done
Correspondence to arrive by email rather than post where possible - done
Return all borrowed items to their rightful owners - done
Type up list of stored belongings by box number - done
Cancel Mick's GST registration - done
Do our 2012 tax returns - done 
Prepare paperwork for 2013 tax (will be due while we're away) - must be done this weekend!
Do tax returns for my mum and her partner - done
Do tax returns for my brother and sister in law - done
Set up my laptop with software to work from UK - done
Change bills and bank statements to come by email where possible - done
Partition off area in shed to be rented out for storage - done
Find tenant for shed storage area - no longer our problem!
Make sure all our favourite recipes are on my blog - in progres, Leanne might need to help!
Catch up with friends and family before we go - very nearly done
Go to New Zealand to see Mick's mum before we go - done
Make a list of what we need to buy on arrival in UK - done
Buy a narrowboat - done, yes it is!
Boat survey - done
Boat insurance - done
Pay for narrowboat - done
Arrange for boat blacking - done
Book into a marina for Winter - done
Book hotel at airport for arrival - done
Book UK hire car - done
Book NZ hotels - done
Book NZ hire car - done
Make optometrist appointment for Elli - done
Make optometrist appointment for Mick - done
Ring HSBC to update address and sort out internet banking - done
Ring real estate agent in case tenants move out while we're away - done
Book table for 9th Sept catchup with Melbourne friends - done
Arrange dinner with our favourite neighbours - done
Arrange dinner with our Bendigo friends - done
Book boat handling course - done
Change mobiles to prepaid - Monday
Cancel internet - Monday
Take Mick's truck to be cared for while we're away - tomorrow
Scan important documents - done
Backup all documents and photos onto a portable hard drive - this weekend
Give copy of important documents to my brother - done
Change address on HSBC UK account so we get a statement with a UK address - Monday
Go through list of boxes shipped and work out what additional clothing we need to pack - done
Order some UK cash - hmmmm.... we'll have to just get some at the airport
Arrange someone to receive World Vision correspondence - done
Pack our suitcases - in progress  
Pack away the last of the belongings we're still using - this weekend
Empty pantry - done
Clean out fridge - in progress 
Book accomodation at Ormskirk - done
Book accomodation at Windermere - done
Print and laminate a map of UK counties - done

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elly & Mick,

All the best & hope everything goes to plan for you.

Seems strange that you're going to the very same area that we moved from!

Last time I tried sending you a comment about the area (ref to best marina) it wouldn't send!

If you'd like to know more, send me an email.