Tuesday 25 September 2012

A quiet day

We are staying in the loveliest little farm cottage.  It's peaceful and there is a canal just down the road. Yesterday we had a relaxed start.... as relaxed as it can be with Mick anyway.

We went shopping at Tesco so we will finally be able to cook for ourselves. There were some flies buzzing around upstairs in the cottage so I had fly spray on my list. Mick went off to find some and came back quite amused. There was only one choice of fly spray! When I think about the shelves of cans to choose from at home I'm guessing there isn't going to be such a fly and mossie problem here.

Next stop was Argos. We had each gone through the catalogue and marked several items to buy. My main things were an Internet dongle (Paul, I went with your advice on the 3 Mifi) and an iPad.  When we got back and charged up the new equipment I discovered a problem with my laptop! Where's my younger brother when I need him! Just one more challenge to overcome.

In the afternoon we drove around visiting some of the farm shops and having a wander along the canal.  We have set ourselves a big day looking at marinas tomorrow. We are hoping to find somewhere that we can cruise from over winter.  We've decided Rufford is a little too limited and the stoppages nearby too much of a nuisance for our purposes.

These should have been on yesterdays post but laptop problems prevented me posting them.
Here's our first meeting with nb Parisien Star!


Ali and John (NB Triskaideka) said...


Just catching up with blogs as last week I returned home and started work for the winter. Left John out for a little longer though.

So a bit late ... Really pleased that PS was everything you expected. When do you expect to be out on the cut?

We will be going into Crick marina for the winter next weekend, hopefully we will still get out for some weekends.

Hopefully we will be able to meet up next year.


Peter Lee said...

Hi Mick & Elly
Welcome to England! By my reckoning, we've had just one sunny day since you've been here. How are you finding the weather? There was over 26mm of rain here in the Midlands yesterday - near 10% of what we get in a usual year, so you're probably seeing it at its worst (at least as far as rain). Also, how are you finding the driving around - I expect roads are a bit busier than at home? Good luck - look forward to seeing how you get on once you get cruising.

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Ali,
We'll look forward to meeting you some time. The winter will most certainly be a test for us. We'll see how we go. We're planning to head out the marina the first time the middle of the week after next.

Peter, thanks for the comment. We haven't minded the weather at all until yesterday. It's pretty much rained non-stop since the middle of the night Sunday night. The roads are definitely busier than we're used to and the flooding hasn't helped that.