Friday 7 September 2012

An attack of nerves

I think there's a bit of a crisis going on in our house at the moment... actually, it's not a house at all but still....

Every time I see a photo of nb Parisien Star my stomach does a little flip flop.  We have a photo taped to the back of the living room door, I have one as the background on both my work pc and my laptop.  We even have a row of photos taped to the underside of the caravan bedroom over-cupboard so we can gaze at them when we wake up in the morning.  With all these photos around, my stomach does an awful lot of somersaults.  It's getting harder going to work with my mind on everything but the task at hand.

Mick's been like a bear with a sore head snapping about every little thing.  I'm thinking we'll need to change the name of the boat to "Grumpy Git" (a previous pick of the week).  He's definitely getting anxious about the thought of being away from his beloved shed.  It won't be helping that he's home on his own a few days a week while I'm at work.  He's sorted out all the tasks he wanted to get done before we leave and is no help with any paperwork or computer related jobs.

We've started saying farewell to people and that's making reality hit home.  We had a lovely dinner this evening with our old neighbours.  They are keen travellers and always good for a pep talk.

I've even said farewell to my car.  My mum has bought it and we've done all the paperwork.  She'll be driving us to the airport so has taken it now to have a practice before heading into the city for the airport.  Now I'm driving mum's old Ford Festiva which she calls Russell.

Tonight we've been watching Escape to the Country and one of the houses they showed was in Market Harborough.  We were so excited when they showed the canals I thought I was going to start crying!  Despite our nerves and anxiety I'm sure we're just going to love living on that boat.


Paul and El said...

Hi Guys
Been there done that, especially after selling the house and then giving up a very well paid job, we had a few sleepless night thinking what the hell have we done. has never been better, it is such fantastic lifestyle that you are embark on, as the Aussies say she'll be right mate.

Paul and El xx

Elly and Mick said...

Hi Paul and Elaine,

I'm sure we'll be saying the same before too long - I hope so anyway!

It's just a bit tough right now...